When it comes to being a student, it is obvious that you would love to stay in a city that is friendly to your needs.  You often assume that a major popular city will fulfill your dreams only to realize later that the opposite is true. One such city in the United States of America is New York, and though it is one of the busiest cities and most popular places in America, it never fails to surprise you at all, especially if you are a student setting foot here for the first time!

Anouk Govil – Exploring the magical city of New York

Anouk Govil is a sports enthusiast and a student of Biology. She is the queen of open mic and is currently studying in New York that is not far from her hometown of Connecticut. When she came to the city, she had a lot of assumptions about it; however, some of them really surprised her when they turned out to be the reverse. Some of them are as follows-

  1. Mayhem- Assuming that New York is a big and organized city, she and her friend have a shock when they arrived in the city for the first time. They thought something was wrong as there was a lot of chaos with the hustle and bustle around. They immediately took to Twitter and other social media platforms to check if they had arrived at the wrong time in the middle of something. However, they were wrong; they were in the middle of the rush hour that was far different from Connecticut’s relaxed ambiance that is the ideal place for a laid-back life and socializing. So, both she and her friend were really shocked with the first impressions of New York!
  2. Tourism is different here- New York is filled with iconic monuments and places around. Tourists here travel in packs, and they are often no less than 50 people. So, if your idea of tourism is only on the East Coast of America, New York is different. There are several places to check out here, and with a large number of tourists checking the city out, it is not unusual for you to find major sidewalks blocked because of them.
  3. Manners- When it comes to old-fashioned manners, they work well in Connecticut, but New York is more direct. The city is not rude, but you need to learn how to survive in the city in their style. The city is not the place for you to be too chivalrous or well-mannered as you will remain the odd one out, and some people might take advantage of your goodness. Be prudent and know where to use them as needed so that others do not walk over you.

Anouk Govil says that New York is a city of dreams for a lot of people, so you have everyone from nearly all the parts of the world. It is different from Connecticut; however, it has a personality of its own that you will only discover once you set foot here!

Anouk Govil – Discovering New York as a Student