The dimensions of the field on which American footballers play their opponents are 100 yards long and 53.33 yards wide. This is where they have to show off their artistry in the sport to beat their opponents. Almost all of them learn these skills at a young age while they are still studying at school. However, they only become proficient in mastering the skills through years of constant and rigorous drill training. In the practice sessions, coaches design a series of exercises to perform to become better at the sport. Only then can they outperform their opponent teams to win matches and earn the admiration of the audience.

Ayden Hector is a college student and popular football player from Washington. He currently attends Eastside Catholic School and is a cornerback in the school team. He says teenagers who want to pursue playing football at the college level prefer to hold positions in the offensive lineup. They are players who outmaneuver defensive counterparts in the opposing teams to win matches. However, they have to be at the peak of their performance to play in these positions. This is why they should practice the following drill and training exercises:

  • Circle drill

This exercise, which the coaches devise, aims to boost their stamina and accuracy when throwing the ball on the move. In this drill, these instructors place a cone in the middle of the football field.  The players have to stand opposite each other in a circle at a distance of five yards away from the cone. One of them throws the ball to his partner on the opposite side then runs around the circle. In doing so, he has maintained a 10-yard cushion distance to avoid any collusion.

  • Barrel drill

This field workout focuses on improving the agility of the football players who are in a linesmen position. In this exercise, they find two rows of three or four barrels at equal distances apart in front of them. Initially, the players have to get into a 3-point stance and wait for their coach to give the necessary instructions. Then, they run around each of these barrels without knocking them over.

  • Side Straddle Hop

In this exercise, the coaches place a 20-yard ladder-like training apparatus on the football field. Each player has to jump laterally in and out of every box of this training apparatus within a specific time. They have to switch the football from their right hand to the left one without dropping it. They even need to ensure either of their ankles does not touch during the jumps. The exercise helps in improving the players’ ball control and balancing their explosive speed.

Ayden Hector concludes by saying offensive players on an American football team can only outperform their opponent when they are exceptionally fit. They need to have good stamina, ball control, agility, and running speeds. Training exercises like side straddle hop, barrel, and circle drill aim at enhancing these skills. However, they should also always focus on having a healthy diet and getting adequate sleep before every match.

Ayden Hector– Drill & Training Exercises for College Footballers