Montreal is the largest city in Quebec with some iconic landmarks, both new and historical. If you plan to visit this city for a vacation with your friends and family, you should not miss the educational walking tours of the above places to discover some astonishing facts about them.

Peter Triassiis from Montreal and is proud to be a resident of this wonderful city. He finds joy in guiding people about the place and introducing them to the place’s beautiful marvels. He says that if you ask a majority of globetrotters, they unanimously agree that walking is a splendid way to know a city first-hand. They say bus and far tours do not compare to the amazing experience one gets with walking tours and bike rides for several travelers.

If you are keen to visit Montreal, Peter Triassi Montreal points out that you should not miss out on these walking tours that are exciting and educational at the same time.

Explore the city on foot

He says that if you want to discover the city on foot, you can book the three-hour walking tour offered by Fitz & Follwell. This tour rakes you around Old Montreal and is one of the best ways to discover stunning facts of the city when it comes to the industrial beginnings and the foundations of the city. It also takes you to some iconic architectural wonders like the Notre Dame Basilica.

Pubs and culinary delights

If you are fond of food, the Mile End Food Tour is the perfect walking tour for you. It is ideal for lovers of nightlife as well. This tour treats you to food stops at six places. You get the chance to explore the iconic local pubs of Montreal with food. There is another three-hour walking tour that offers tourists a glimpse into the city’s architecture and history.

VDM Global offers you a walking tour that lasts for two and a half hours. You can explore Montreal and take in the aromas and flavors of the place. This tour dives deep into the general architecture and food tours that their peers offer. Travelers and tourists can come into close contact with the history and the flavors of the city with an amazing culinary experience.

Architect Tours by Heritage Montreal is another enjoyable walking tour with the mission to preserve and protect the city’s rich natural, architectural, and cultural history. With this tour, you will come to know about the heritage of Greater Montreal. It is a great way to enjoy the city that people love.

Peter Triassi Montreal recommends the above walking tours for exploring the amazing city on foot. He also says Heritage Montreal has launched a unique walking tour generally conducted on Saturdays during the summers. The tour is conducted in both English and French languages so it is great for all types of travelers to the city.

Peter Triassi Montreal – Explore the City with Exciting Walking Tours