Montreal is a beautiful city in Canada and has earned the special name “The City of Design” conferred on it in 2006 by the United Nations. It is a modern creative city with rich historical background. Rick Andreoli is a native of Montreal and is blessed to be a resident here. He loves to spend his time learning about the city and sharing whatever he learns with everyone on his blog.

Rick Andreoli Montreal says that you must come to Montreal at least once in your life. He says that if you are planning to visit Montreal as your next travel destination, make sure you visit the following places-

  1. Historical monuments– There are some iconic and stunning historical monuments here in Montreal. You can visit the Oratoire Saint-Joseph, the Notre Dame Basilica Cathedral of Marie-Reine-du-Monde, and several Montreal museums. He says there are several historical monuments and hidden gems in the city that you can cover in your day trips.
  2. Spend time outdoors- If you love nature, you can spend time outdoors and visit the Upper Canada Village, which is a heritage park and museum modeled after the famous 19th Century Upper Canada Village. This site has more than 40 historical buildings like trade buildings, farmhouses, working mills, and more. You can also go to places like the Royal Mount Park, Parc Jean, and Space for life. Montreal is one of the greenest cities globally, and you will find several gardens and parks here. If you are traveling with your family or with a large group, these places are ideal for you to visit.
  3. Visit new places- Besides historical landmarks, there are modern places that are equally interesting for every traveler. They are Underground City, Contemporary Art Museum, Place Des Festivals, and lots more. These places are great for those that love adventures.

When you are traveling with kids, you can take them to the Montreal Science Center, La Ronde, Geordie Theatre, Eco-Museum Zoo, The Canadian Railway Museum, and more. In short, there are exciting places for both the young and old.

Fond of music- check out the annual festivals here

Montreal is the home to many annual festivals. Some of the notable ones are the Montreal World Film Festival, The Festival International de Jazz de Montreal (Montreal International Jazz Festival), and more. There are music festivals for every genre of music that you can think of. You will find festivals from reggae to electronic. So, if you love music, these are some of the hotspots that you should not miss.

Rick Andreoli Montreal sums up by saying that you will never feel like leaving when you come to Montreal. This city has so much to offer historically as well as in modern ways. When it comes to the climate of Montreal, the winters are very cold, and summers are hot. Before you travel, check up on the weather and climate so that you can pack your essentials accordingly and enjoy your trip to this astonishing city.

Rick Andreoli Montreal As the City Guide for Travelers