What are the Many Benefits of Reforestation

With the Earth’s temperature growing every year the need to plant for trees is the need of the hour. If there is anything that can help the Earth to cool down it is the forests. It is a fact that it is due to man’s selfish needs that the natural forest reserves are destroyed. Depleting forests are also the cause of weather changes around the world. That is why reforestation is a must. The more number of trees the better. However simply planting a mere one or two trees will not be sufficient. The reforestation needs to happen in a large scale. Reforestation needs to be done in a stretch of terrain that has lost its forest cover. It is not random planting of some tress but a planned and deliberate movement to regrow vegetation.

Reforestation is  much necessary in today’s times. If one desires to change the world that we are living in currently then there is no other way than to switch to a greener planet. Not only for a healthy and clean living environment,  but there are several benefits of reforestation as well. Following are worth taking into consideration:

Improving the wildlife habitat– Forests are home to various species of animals. Cutting down the tress means taking away their home. They will have no place to stay and eventually venture into our living area. With reforestation they will also get back  their natural habitat. They will have plenty of food and water to survive and breed. Many animals on the edge of extinction due to deforestation will be able to reproduce in their natural surroundings.

Improving the water quality- Trees hold the soil together and stops soil erosion to a great extent. This improves soil compaction which allows greater water infiltration and storage. There is less water runoff and flushing away of the fertile top soil. Trees also intercept precipitation which reduces inputs to streams. At the same time tress also uptake metals and minerals that can cause issues with the water quality.

Carbon sequestration- One of the significant benefits of reforestation is carbon sequestration. Planting more trees helps to increase the tree density. This way more carbon can be sequestered by the growing forest. The loose soil also helps in the process as it allows the trees to grow faster thereby increasing the rate of carbon accumulation in the soil and plant tissues.

Creating employment opportunities- A forest not only improves the environment but it also helps create employment opportunities for the local community. A forest is a treasure trove of natural resources. The products of the forest such as honey, medicinal plants, flora and fauna can help the local people make a living out of the same. It can create job for professional tree planters, nurseries and more.

Enhances biodiversity- Reforestation also helps improve biodiversity. Professional tree planters can plant a varied species of trees, native hardwoods and shrubs that can thrive but which were not present before. They can also restore imperiled species.

Reforestation therefore has to be done without failure for a better tomorrow. It is the best way to restore the natural harmony and give back the area its lost natural heritage.


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